Frame by frame mixed up

I have been using Shotcut for months to cut commercials out of a TV-recording from my SAT-card. After re-installing windows and all programs shotcut suddenly behaves different when going through the video-stream frame by frame.
I used to move from frame to frame using left- and right-keys and the movement in the frames was always smooth. Now often nothing changes going from left to right until I moved about 10 frames and only then the movements in the frames start. When cutting away the “unmoving section” this results in an “unmoving new section”. It becomes impossible to cut precisely on a single frame.

After cutting a scene out of the video stream in the time line (if this is the name of the lower part of the window showing the video track) it sometimes shows single frames from the deleted section near the cut.

The source material (.ts-stream) is he same as before the re-install and I find no more options or checkboxes to try.

Help or hints would be very welcome as I loved working with shotcut!

In Settings change Interpolation to Bilinear. The default is Nearest. This is explained in the FAQ.

Thanks so much! I spent hours trying to find a solution and I was really desperate. Thanks!!!

I will think about changing this behavior or at least the default. It depends on the video format/codec/options, but it can be very bothersome as you experienced.

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