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Hello everyone

I created a screen recording. But the frame rate is 1000.

When I edited and exported the clip, it outputted as 60 fps.

Video skipping while playing on this computer…

How can he record this at a fixed 30 frame rate?

Another related question;

For a quality recording, should I take the screen recordings as *.wmv? *.mp4 , *.mkv ?

do you know OBS for recording?
It is important not to confuse the container and the video and audio codec.
For Audio/Video recording, we have a container (MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV…) and encoders, h264, HEVC… AAC for audio
Thus, an MP4 format can contain a video (and audio) recorded with a compression (encoder) h264, MPEG-4 AVC…HEVC… or no-compression…

It can be said that the container has no influence on the quality of the video (even if a container will not accept all encoders).

In a common case of screen recording, whether the file output format is MP4 or MKV or FLV, it’s more the destination of the file that influences the choice of container. With Shotcut, we have trouble because it accepts many formats (containers) and encoded with many codecs… and also for output.
It is the choice of the encoder and its settings that influence the quality.
I prefer the MKV container (Matroska) because if there is a problem during the capture, the MKV will be readable while the MP4 will be corrupted.

The choice of encoder depends on the machine… today the preference goes for h264 (hardware) or HEVC (hardware) which are the two common and “all-purpose” encoders. Using a particular encoder requires knowing its characteristics and uses.
So we have to specify like this: MKV(HEVC_amf/AAC), the container and the Video/Audio encoders, if we have to communicate the video.

Microsoft’s WMV codec is of no interest because it almost takes over the compression of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC (we can consider WMV as obsolete - WMV (1 or 2) is a (good) encoder and also a container. The container is used very little, and in particular is not offered by OBS)


what version of shotcut are you using to record the screen? It seems to me that since several versions, it is no longer possible to use Shotcut as a screen recorder…

A few days ago @Elusien gave a very good exemple that helps to understand that:

It’s like receiving a letter in a blue envelope or a white one. Once you’ve extracted the letter and are reading it, the colour of the envelope is irrelevant.

Thank you. I was recording wmv. I was editing this with shotcut. but when I exported it was taking too long…

  • Now I am screen recording as mkv.
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