Fowards/Backwards really struggles with high-quality videos

My main use-case of Shotcut is to cut recordings of video games to archive them as a video.
I’ve previously recorded old games with a good quality and skipping through them with the highest possible forwards/backwards speed was never an issue.

Now I’ve finally got myself a new GPU and now I’m able to record 1440p in the best in-game quality possible with CQP 17 via NVENC, but skipping through those recordings is a real struggle: anything above double forwards/backwards speed will get choppy as hell.

Lowering the preview scaling quality + interpolation did help to some degree, but not by much.

Is there anything else I can do to get faster skipping speeds, or is that the expected drawback of such high-quality videos?

Thanks, but after tinkering around some more I discovered a quirk/bug: anytime I drag a video unto the timeline skipping ahead in that particular video is choppy as hell, but if I just restart Shotcut then skipping in that video works just fine.

Edit: nevermind. Switching to proxy editing is definitely the way to go.

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