Found a Bug(Possibly)

This video isn’t enough, you need to provide us the way to reproduce it in a more easy way. I can’t understand what the bug was, can you specify that what bug have you faced, what version are you using, your system specs, etc… etc…

Edit:- I didn’t hear the audio, because I was charging my speaker, but when I just started the video, the loud, sudden, and terrible audio gave me a heart attack :cold_sweat:, please try to make it lower, or someday I will…, I won’t hear the audio for now, hope you understand that I am not used to on louder sounds, See you soon, I will discuss about the topic tomorrow.

(It’s post 11)

Your images are all various sizes.

When you are copying a filter, you are copying all settings, not just one setting you adjust.
It resizes each of your images to same bounding box you have set from the first image.

Position 96 never changes in your video that you shown.

Not sure what your other settings are though, as you are only showing a partial screen.

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Pasting filters does not support multiple selection at this time as you observed. It is a known limitation.

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