Foto invalid

I import photos into Shotcut. I don’t know why some pictures I can’t open. I see info “INVALID”.

That could be caused by two things:

  1. If Shotcut can not understand your file. Maybe it is corrupted or maybe Shotcut does not support that type.
  2. If the file was moved Shotcut can not find it. In this case, close your project, re-open it and Shotcut will prompt you to find the files.

If you think Shotcut does not understand your file, you can upload it as an attachment to this thread and someone else can try it.

In case you are using Windows, you could try this:

Right click on the image, choose ‘Open With Paint’.
Then just save the image and import it to Shotcut.

For transparent PNG files, you’ll need to open it with some other program such as Paint 3D.

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