FossHub or GitHub, which to download?

I am creating simple song videos with scrolling lyrics. I usually do not even use actual videos, just still shots. I have a PC with Windows 10. I don’t know anything about Shotcut except that one of my best friends says he loves it. Which one should I download, FossHub or GitHub? Thanks!!

Hi, @markdarden53! :slightly_smiling_face:

FossHub and GitHub are just two different websites where the Shotcut releases are being hosted. You can download them from either. It doesn’t make a difference.

Do make sure to also visit the Tutorials page which you can click to on the top of this page that has videos explaining how to use Shotcut.

Also, considering the main purpose you want to use Shotcut for, know that Shotcut has a feature called “Slideshow Generator” that can quickly create montages out of images and/or videos.

Here’s the page on how to use it:

Thank you very much !!!

Also, see the post by @MusicalBox on scrolling text here:


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