Forward/Backward 1s using PgUp or PgDown does not work

My Shotcut version: 22.11.25
My OS: WIndows 8.1

When selecting a clip in the timeline and I press forward or backward 1 second using PgUp or PgDown nothing happens. How can I fix this.

I have found a work around by changing the shortcuts with something else, one with a dot and the other a comma. The reason I want to fix this is because there are several other shortcuts that do not work. If this get fixed then the others may be fixed too.

Hi @GoodFellas

PgUp and PgDown works fine for me on versions 22.11.25 and 22.12 BETA (Windows 10). All other shortcuts are working properly as far as I can see.

Did this start right after you updated Shotcut to v22.11.25?
Did you try to re-install Shotcut?

I do not reproduce it.

The problem persist even after uninstall and re-installing Shotcut again.

I had installed Shotcut last month - 1 version previous of the v22.11.25 but I can’t tell if this problem existed because I was testing some other video Softwares at that time.

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