Forum Network Error

This only concerns the forum for Shotcut.
I’m always getting this error on my Samsung Galaxy S6, and thought it was just poor connections of the wi-fi where I’m at.

Today I got this on my computer.
Not sure if others have experienced the same.
Network Error

Hi, I’ve never seen this before, but I’m in a hotel Turkey where the internet connection keeps dropping and I just got the same error as you are having. It disappears when the connection comes back.

Same here, this forum software seems to react badly to loss of connection, which seems like a violation of some webdesign law :slight_smile:

(edit: to clarify - a website is supposed to keep showing its content like a static page if the user is not doing anything)

Not sure where you get that idea from, a website can do whatever the web developer wants it to do.
Many sites are using auto-refreshing scripting to show new content without the user needing to reload the page, as does this forum software.