Force shotcut to actually do job and not interrupt with warning

I am loving shotcut. 99% anyway. The biggest problem I have is running jobs and I will leave the room and come back later and it did NOT do the job. Instead I get a warning about memory and I have to click on the “ignore” option before it will continue. I would greatly appreciate a way to disable this or make it much MUCH more conservative about when it is shown.

I don’t care if a a long job takes all night, that is absolutely fine. But this work has a deadline and when I lose this time it causes me problems. But this constantly happens even on a job that takes a minute or less to complete but I can make it through hours long jobs if I click ignor. so it’s very obvious there is plenty of total memory.

It would be very nice if there is no way to disable it to set a time to check limit, ie don’t check unless the job has been running at least half an hour or something like that.

This is on win10 btw.

The warning is not about how long the job will take. The warning is that the job might run your computer out of memory and crash it. We get many complaints here that Shotcut made a computer crash while running a job. So the warning is to help people avoid that. If your computer crashes while running jobs, you would be more frustrated.

Here is a suggestion for next time: before starting a job, close all other applications on your computer (especially web browsers). Then try to start the job. Does the warning still appear?

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