Forbidden from drag and drop from playlist to track

At least a few times a session when I try to drag an item from the playlist to a track I’ll get the forbidden circle even if it doesn’t conflict with something that’s already there. If I close and re-open Shotcut I’m allowed to do exactly the same action.

This is a known glitch which has been reported many times over the last year.
Aside from closing and re-opening, there’s one other work around I think sauron posted but I’ve forgotten what it was :D.

Ah, good to know (ish) it’s not just me then. I’ll have a browse around for Sauron’s post, thanks.

The workaround is simple: double-click the playlist item to open it in the source player. Then, use the Timeline toolbar or keyboard shortcuts to add to the Timeline. Those functions always work with whatever is in the Source player.

Brilliant, thanks, I’ll give that a go. My way is very disruptive so it’ll be great if I can avoid that.