Font size saved in mlt different than shown in UI


Am I blind or am I missing something? With a simple text filter, if I choose e.g. Arial 48 in the UI, and I find the corresponding entry in the .mlt, I see a larger size, in this case 64:

All the font sizes seem to be larger: 48 is saved as 64, 72 is saved as 96, 100 is saved as 133

What’s up with this?
Using Shotcut 19.10.20 on W10 Pro 1903


Sorry, I tried to show the markup in the mlt, but the forum editor helpfully removed that. Trying now the preformatted text option. Sorry everybody, I’m a beginner here and there is no preview button:

<property name="family">Arial</property> <property name="size">64</property>

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