Font size preset using open other text?

Shotcut version 20.04.12

I set my text font size preset to 72. But the Open Other > Text using that preset still reverts to font size 60.
All other preset settings work as specified.

Text simple reflects the correct preset font size. I have not used the other font options.

There is no preset size ability with Open Other - Text.
It’s set to 60, that is correct.
You could say Open Other - Text is a preset in it’s own right as it does two functions, as it gives you a background color (Open Other- Color) and Text: Simple filter all in one click.

You can make a preset in that window, but not for text size. The preset option is just for the text you enter, and the background color.

This is still the Text: Simple filter which you can change the font size and other font settings in the Filters panel.

Confirm this is not a bug and Hudson’s answer is correct.

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