Folder and sequenceS thumbnails

I’m new and I just want to creat folder inside the thumbnail windows and create severals sequence? And the sequence don’t appear inside the thumbnail window too.

I said thumbnail for the window that is the comun windows to organise video, audio, picture, noise (the project window on Adobe Premiere). I understand this windows is named in shotcut: thumbnail?

Thx for your help

That is an Adobe feature. With Shotcut it’s just what Windows/Mac OS/Linux has to offer for folder/subfolder creation.

Shotcut has a Playlist, which you can’t make folders or sub folders, as Adobe calls bins. In Shotcut it’s just one list, or a window of icon boxes.

This is what you might be referring to. It’s how the clips are displayed in the playlist.

Ok thx, but how can I have severals timelines ? For exemple, I have one timeline for derush and one for movie and an other for the trailer ?

Have you went through the Tutorials Page ?

Shotcut is not Adobe by any stretch. Watching the tutorials will show what Shotcut can do for you.

I showed tutoriel, and I don’t find answers. How can I edit easely a derush and movie and trailer, ok it’s playlist, and? If you don’t understand I try and other exemple, how can I derush my interview1, my interview2 and creat the movie but save my derush (so the mix with both) ? On every video soft that I use (avid, edius, fcp, pp, pinacle, davinci) i need to creat one sequence for interview1, one sequence for interview 2 and one sequence to edit my movie.
Same question, how can I organise my playlist, for exmeple: how can I clean all my video, and all my noise, all my music, all my video from my camera2? (FCPX use playlist but I can use tag for exemple)

If I can’t, and I need to have all my files inside my playlist and all my editing inside only one timeline, I can’t imagine edit a big project. Do you have tricks ??

What does “derush” mean?

Sorry, I think it’s french word. The translation I found is grading the rushes. But it’s not important to uderstand my question. My english is poor, sorry.

Since Shotcut does not offer much tools for organizing you can use your file system and Explorer (Windows) , Finder (macOS), or favorite file manager to organize files that you will use in Shotcut. These are good tools that are free and have been improved over many years. In that case, there is maybe no need to use Shotcut’s Playlist feature; it is not required to add media to the Timeline.

Thx, I understans all the files are inside the playlist and I can’t organise them inside.
And do you know about sequences ? how can I have severals sequences/timelines in the same project ?
If it’s impossible, do you know an other open source video editing software to edit with severals sequences inside the same project ?

Realy thanks,
I’m video editor and I search open source soft to work because I prefer this philosophie.

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