Foggy Look

I was searching for some stock footages and I found 2, And one of them was having fog on it

And now I want to add the same type of fog in another video
So I just wanted to know a way to add a foggy effect on the second clip.

Any help is praiseworthy.

I have the computer busy right now, so I can’t test this idea, so I don’t know if it would work well.
Maybe use the chroma key filter to select parts of the video combined with mask, blur, and lighten.
Assuming for each selection (foreground flowers, background green leaves) a stacked video track and maybe mixed with the initial video track.
Just an idea.

I have used green screen clouds in drone footage to make it more epic. Unfortunately I don’t have the green screen footage to hand but it did work quite effectively.

I’m thinking you could use that same technique to give you the foggy effect. Getting the right cloud green screen and a relatively short video segment will be relevant in regards to the realism of this task.

In CGI effects, fog, materials and many other features are produced using “fractal noise”. It just so happens that I’m working on an app that will allow a user to tailor various parameters to create materials. including fog, using fractal noise/turbulence. It is a little way off completion yet as there are various “bells and whistles” I’d like to add, but below is a screenshot with an example of fog in front of a video test card. See here for an example of how to use fractal noise in Blender ( Making After Effects’ Fractal noise effect in Blender - Sinestesia)


Thanks for suggestion, but then I need to find it from several websites, maybe I need to pay very high for my favourite one, or I can’t find what I like. At the end If I wish to customize them I can’t do that because they are premade. I had this idea before creating this topic, but I remembered these limitations so I created the topic.

Thanks @ejmillan it helped and I created this video, not totally what I wanted but at least 80% -

If the filter for fog would be available in next releases, Then it will be fine and easy to get 100% results.

Here is an example of what can be done with fractal noise and a few SVG filter effects. The SVG is around 25 lines long. (wishful thinking: if only Shotcut could support [animated] SVGs)

I am delighted. There are many options to try in Shotcut combining filters in different order. Sorry I can’t help more this week, I’m doing family film restoration and it takes up all the GPU processing for many hours (each rendering session takes 10-12 hours for 1 hour of VHS-C footage and that’s without colour grading or audio editing, just noise cleaning and sharpening).
Other ideas that I didn’t explore but might work in some way:
Open another - Plasma, maybe it can be combined with other filters to: remove colour from it, blur it, remove opacity, etc. All this involves testing and testing, but it’s already in Shotcut.
Maybe this option is silly or a waste of time.

After testing many effects, I found that glow produces the best fog on the video which is darker and has rain.

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