Flying in the Philippines | Trouble with warm/cold color shifts

Here is my latest video, made with Shotcut. I noticed that the coloring of some shots pulsates between reddish/warm and blueish/cold - not sure what is causing this. You can for example see it at 3:17 - if you look at the white airplane wall, it alternates between having an orange / blue color. This is already present in the source files, so it’s not a Shotcut-related problem. I recorded these shots with an iPhone - anyone else had this before?


It’s not just specific to iPhone, but any time you’re using a device with auto white balance it’s going to correct itself along the way. It’s more noticeable sometimes than others, and it sometimes will even over-correct itself. The solution is to put the white balance on a constant setting so it doesn’t shift back and forth like that. You’ll need to use a neutral gray color as a reference point first, though. That might be the seat in front of you or even your shirt. I have no idea how to set that on an iPhone, but that’s what I would look for first.


Another Nice video. Done that CebPac MNL-CEB-MNL myself back in 2010. Mabuhay!

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