Flipping and spinning text or image

Hi Guys,

Newbie in this forum, does anyone know how to perform this effect. In Adobe AE, its quite easy, as there is a tilt and position option in the frame key. Not sure how to go about it in shotcut.


Keyframe the Corner Pin filter

Thanks Ben, will look into that.

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I suggest to use keyframes with Size, Position, & Rotate filter in Distort mode.

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The only issue I have with this method is I can never keyframe it down to a height = 0 because if you zero out the height, for some reason the width goes to 0, and it does something weird to the positioning. So I set the height to 1

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Thanks for the suggestions, currently using corner pin, having great difficulty getting the right co-ordinates for the 1234 corners and using the pin points is not smooth enough. will display my final results once done. Also will look at the size, position and rotate filter too, always good to find other ways to get a result.

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Also see:

Thanks Jonray.

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Also an interesting thread some time ago:

I forgot to credit @elusien for his HTML/CSS converter which I used to convert my original HTML file (using AT keyframes) into the Shotcut-ready version.


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