Flickering on the bottom after applying Blur: Gaussian with floating text

Hi everyone,

After the latest release 19.06.15, one of the ‘effects’ that I use the most, which is Gaussian Blur (+ other filters) and a text layer above produces flickering on the bottom (it can be seen as a thin line of pixels with the issue).

It can be seen here (34:19):

Here is how it’s setup (there is a transition before, but without it the flickering still happens)

(flickering is also visible in preview, not only in the exported vid).

Thanks in advance!

I reproduced this with 19.07.BETA.
The flickering occurs with Blur Gaussian. It does not occur with Blur Low Pass or Blur Exponential.
Video made using all 3 blurs set to 65%.


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This is fixed for the next version 19.07.

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