Flickering of text in exported videos

Hi, I have download the last version 181223 of Shotcut. I use a proven video sequence with a text output at the beginning and in different places. If I export the file with the default setting, the text flickers when playing the file. The video itself is played correctly. I test other encoders. The effect of flickering is with all outputs.
Thanks, KayGo

Sounds like a duplicate of this:

Can you try disabling “Parallel Processing” in the advanced export settings? Please try and report back.

First of all, many thanks for this quick responce. I have try something. I reinstall verion 171002. With this version AND parallel processing enabled the output is stable and right. If I install the newest versioni 181223 and disable parallel processing, the output is correct and the flickering of the text is gone. But if I disable the parallel processing the output conversion time is doubled. I have a Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU (8 cores), Windows 10, NVidea GTX 1050, 16 GByte RAM.
Thank you for this workaround.

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