Flickering of exported video on top

Hi, I am pretty new to shotcut and just been using it since last few weeks. Whenever I export the video and play it, it leaves flickering/flashing on the upper half of the video. I tried reducing frame rate to 25 FPS (from 60 FPS) and set scan mode as interlaced, it reduced little bit but is still there in some parts of the video.

Could anyone please help why it is happening and what I need to change while exporting.

Following is the video link (happens at 1:50): https://youtu.be/NzwzzAfawUc

PS: I am using version 20.04.12

Before you start to fix this issue, do a “Save As” and give it a new file name.

What is your Video Mode? (Click on Master, then Properties) Screen shot it, and post it in here (you can drag&drop to the reply window).
The the video that’s flickering, what are the clip/video properties?

Try disabling parallel processing if it’s on.

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These are the properties of Master

Its already disabled however I’m using hardware encoder

Maybe that’s the problem. Try not using it.

These are my export settings

I’ll give it a try without using hardware encoder

You do get a 1/2 line flicker on interlaced material if it’s not well de-interlaced.

However, that’s not what your video is exhibiting. The error looks like a faulty H.264 slice, (the image is chopped up into slices of data in the encoder). You need to compare it against another encoder to see if the fault is in the encoder, or the original material.

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