Flatpak version crashes when you drag from the playlist to timeline

The operating system is Linux, specifically the Flatpak package took from Flathub.

The Shotcut version is 22.01.30.

On Fedora Silverblue, the app crashes when you drag some item (or at least a video) from the playlist to the timeline. If you click on Append button the item is added to timeline correctly and without crashing, but if you drag and drop the item from the playlist to timeline, the app crashes.

I only tried on Intel GPU (Intel Core i7-10510U). I hope to try on Radeon soon, but I can’t be sure.

This is a known issue being tracked on GitHub

As a workaround you can turn off the wayland option using the flatseal app

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Or just using keyboard or timeline toolbar buttons to add footage to timeline.


Everything else is very stable in the flatpak release in Fedora