[Fixed] Shotcut freezes and stops exporting at 7% (Freezes whole computer)

(new to the forum so I hope I’m doing this right)

I’ve been working on this video and I’ve finished it and want to export it, but it’s not working. The video will start exporting, but then once it reaches 7% Shotcut freezes and causes my entire computer to slow to a halt. I went through the video to see if any filters were duplicated or weird things appeared in the timeline, but I couldn’t find anything. It’s about a 10 minute video.

I also tried another older video and it exported fine, so it’s only this specific video. I also went and uninstalled the latest version and used an older version of Shotcut, but it still didn’t work.

If anyone knows how to fix this or anything I can do, please help me because I don’t want to have to completely re-edit the video.

Just for anyone who wants to know, Specs:
GPU: RTX 1650 Super
CPU: 6 Core i5-10400F
Ram: 16gb

I removed some transitions and a few “unnecessary filters” and I’m exporting again. Hoping this works!

It finally worked! Sorry for making this post because I don’t need any help anymore. It was probably just a little too many things to handle.

I’m glad you got it to work.

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