Fisheye correction

Looks like this is supported by a frenior plugin and ffmpeg has lens correction.

Any thoughts how this should be implemented as a filter if I were interested in helping out?

There is a tech note here:

I encourage you to look in your folder to see plenty of examples. And, see this for the parameter names (numeric) and their metadata:

We have been holding off adding many more filters due to priorities and the fact that Filters menu needs some rework because the list of items is getting long.

If you make a non-trivial contribution to the project, you get a one year membership to the forum for free. If you become a regular contributor and therefore a member of the team, then you get a lifetime membership.

I’ve been trying not to ask a second time but I’m having trouble figuring out the best way to setup a build/development environment here under fedora linux.

I’ve tried scripts/, which worked but appeared to delete the output files after putting them into the .bz2. Looks like its working well, ran into a crash that might be due to using all git versions of code.

Also tried building mlt, webvfx and shotcut separately from their git repositories. I’m close there but not yet working.

So finally decided to ask if you had a recommendation for the best development setup approach under linux.

You do not need a full development environment just to make a UI for an existing filter in the backend. It is simply QML loaded at run time. Copy one of the existing filter folders in your install and modify.

Also, in case you ever do return to needing a full dev environment, I do not use Fedora to give you any Fedora-specific guidance. However, I do encourage you use the build script. There is a configuration variable to prevent making the archive and cleaning up. They default on for the nightly build and release process. The variables are at the top of the script. You can put your own settings into a file named “build-shotcut.conf” in the scripts/ directory:


And maybe sometimes you want to set ACTION_GET_COMPILE_INSTALL=0 to prevent fetching updates that interfere with your local changes.