First video with a tribute to the front line workers during this COVID-19 crisis

I wanted to show my support to the folks working during this crisis we’re all facing. I decided to make a THANK YOU sign out of 8’ high letters.

I then made a recording to show all of the names I added to the boards and then I did some editing with Shotcut, my first time really using the features in Shotcut like: Adding more than one video clip, removing the audio and adding another audio track, I added a fade out at the end (a nifty feature indeed!).

All in all it went really good and I’d like to share the link and have those that are reading this watch it. Like I said, I added an audio track so turn on your speakers and enjoy the video.

I think you’ll like it:


Nice thought of yours and well done.

As an aside, the video might have benefited from a title rather than jumping straight into the subject matter. But nevertheless, we all have to start somewhere and seeing how appreciative you are of the front-line workers engenders a pleasant feeling in these troubling times.

Hey there Elusien, thanks for your support and kind words. It was really my first video where I put a lot of editing in it, for me anyway. I did make another video after with the same content but at the end, it transitions to those letters in one picture: THANK YOU, and then the music and the picture fades away.

I will keep your suggestion in mind when I do another video as it makes perfect sense to give it a title.

Hi @Blackink
I enjoyed your video! Quite moving, and a lovely tribute to all those who have to go to work to keep their country going, at these crazy times. Nice idea to have the boards spell out “thank you”. Bless you for making this and for sharing it. Covid-19 has affected us all. As a piano teacher, my income stopped overnight, as did many people’s…

Hello jonray. I’m glad you liked it and thanks for the kind words.
It is a difficult time in everyone’s lives these days so once I had finished the video, I realized how uplifting it turned out to be.

Something I certainly didn’t expect to have it turn out so good, even for my first real video with some editing included.
I believe those folks that are viewing it are getting their hearts warmed up a bit while watching the video, I know mine did!!

Maybe your message: losing your job and having no income, should be my next project…a sign that says the correct comment (which I don’t know what that would be at this time) with the names of those that have lost their jobs due to this virus.
That would also be a great tribute to those that aren’t so fortunate in these difficult times.

Many thanks,

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