First tryout in Shotcut

My first video made with the free Shotcut Open Source Editor.
Low CPU/GPU consumption during editing and rendering.
Sharpening, White balance, Level adjustments, Saturation, Noise reduction.

Very pleased with the result…


Great stuff!
Be sure to check out “video proxy” feature. Which reduces cpu usage even more and helps when you have multiple clips with effects on screen.

Very nice! I have a soft spot in my heart for the hedgehog. Is this a collection of original footage? I’m looking at species of trees in the background and seeing what could potentially be a few different locations.

For me, an excellent piece of cinematography. Is this your own footage, and is it your music? In any case your colours are so vibrant and detail is so crisp - great use of filters - well done!! :+1:

Footage comes from

Thanks for the comments, I learned a lot from the French guy MrKamiGeek on YouTube.

I personally use an iPhone 7 with the ProTake camera app, Zheyun Smooth 4 gimbal, variable SD-filter and a Mavic Mini drone.

Yeah, really well done, so crisp also the close-ups! Is it all your own footage and where did you capture this? Looks really like a pro in many cases. Music is nice too.

Thanks for your appreciation…

Thank you.

No problem, thank YOU for posting. What was the music?!

J’ai bien aimé votre montage bon choix de musique, bravo.
Moi aussi j’ai bien appris de MrKamiGeek, pour le moment il est silencieux et c’est dommage.
Merci encore de votre montage
Cordialement à vous

Moi j’ai pu le contacter encore cette semaine par YouTube en relation avec quelques conceils sur Shotcut.

Merci pour votre commentaire positive.

Je suis aussi en contact de temps à autre pour Shocut.
des tutos en français seraient bien utiles KemeGeek en a déjà beaucoup fait merci a lui.

I could have been watching a BBC documentary. Top class!

Nice, thanks.

Great job!

Since you marked the video as “made for kids” in YouTube, I cannot add it to the “made with” playlist on our channel. Did you know there is a difference on YouTube between “made for kids” and safe or appropriate for kids? Made for kids is more restricting.

I’m not an expert on this but I will change the YouTube settings today.
Will let you know…

Should be OK now…

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