First try with shotcut

was encouraged to share my hikings through video by some friends, so decided to jump in a created my first video with shotcut.

here it is:

must say that with available tutorials, it was pretty easy and straightforward, even though i’m a brand new video “producer”.
so wanted to warmly thank the shotcut team for bringing us with so valuable software.


Pas mal pour un premier effort. Peut-être que la prochaine fois, expérimentez un peu différentes transitions entre les scènes, puis progressez jusqu’au texte défilant donnant un peu plus d’informations sur la randonnée.

Not bad for a first effort. Maybe next time experiment a little with different transitions between scenes then work you way up to scrolling text giving a little more information about the hike.

Thanks for the feedback.
though about transitions but feared it would be a little bit “too much” for such a simple video. will try for the next one.

in the meantime, i’ve been trying something a little bit different, but still same topic.

what do you think about this one :

getting used with filter set by trying the “seriously classy title” which is excellent.

see here:

what do you think ?