First transitions with glaxnimate

Very boring footage from a flight simulator, but managed do a reasonable job by changing the music at each transition, and making custom transitions with glaxnimate and a swoosh. My biggest edit yet with 9 tracks.
I don’t know if it’s actually called a transition or wipe or whatever at 20 seconds, but I’d be interested to hear of an easy way to do it, as I had to use 3 tracks and animations to reveal each level.

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Doesn’t look that boring to me, and the little helicopter seems to be having plenty of fun!

To your question; it appears you have a couple different angles of the same simulator footage (or different times in that recording at least). To achieve what you have done, in order to see those differences as you have displayed them (the opening scene and the simulator footage that is revealed by the wipe) then that requires 2 tracks due to the overlap. Add in the video used for your transition (and wipe is a good description) then that makes for 3.

Maybe some clever pants on here can find a workaround, but to my mind you have done it correctly. 3 tracks is nothing to fear or worry about. Sometimes keeping as many effects on the same single track is beneficial, and sometimes it isn’t.

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