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I highly recommend shot cut. It is easy to learn and backed by a forum that addresses specific learning curve issues. I combined multiple shots, recorded and placed new vocal tracks and added text for my Keyed Brick you tube. At the web side I have other videos with split screen of two destructive tests that I aligned to the same time frames; still image with vocal tract to explain what it is; uploaded a 20 year old video that output to mp4. I have invented a very complex technology that needed a versatile tool to create videos and use existing media. I don’t need anything else.

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That’s a really cool concept! Does this scale to cinder block sized bricks? Is it also fairly water repellant since water would have to travel in an arc to get through a wall of this stuff?

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I watched the whole 7:20 of that - your explanation is concise and engaging. I wish you all the success with that! to my unknowledgeable brain in the field of brick technology, that could be huge. I hope you have it patented.

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The keyed brick is scalable, but most likely be with different materials… My top plastic bricks could be 8" cement or 18" concrete. Larger would have to be stronger.
The patents are pending…

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