First time donating for software

For the first time ever I have voluntarily donated money for software I have downloaded - that’s a huge compliment to Shotcut because it is a great program with many useful features.
It wasn’t much but maybe more in the future when several bugs are ironed out.
3 times during my final edit of a wedding highlights video the program just vanished from the screen and I had to re-open the project to continue.
It’s not my computer because it doesn’t do that with any other software and is a 6 core i8700. Luckily I had made sure I did a Ctrl-S almost every time I made a change so never lost more than a minute’s worth of work.
Besides that I am very impressed with the software - great work!


Thanks for your donation. It helps to keep us going.

The spontaneous crash bugs are the most frustrating and difficult to fix. If you ever find some steps to reproduce those kinds of problems, please report it on this forum.

Happy editing!

I suppose it could even be a Windows thing - maybe next time I should try editing it on my Macbook.
An auto-save feature every minute would be great.

Another consideration to backing up your work is also using Save As. This allows you to save your project to another file name, thus giving it a date and time in the file name itself. And saving to multiple drives and/or directories.

Yes, that is something I’ve learned to do with various programs.
Perhaps Shotcut could have an auto-save feature similar to the Macbook’s
“Time machine” that saves a history file every minute perhaps - so you can go back
through your history of what you have edited and revert to an old version if you decide
you don’t like what you have done in the last half hour :slight_smile:

There is an automatic auto-save every minute, but it does not save to your project file. It saves to a folder in the app data directory. Then, when you try to reopen a project after the crash, it checks to see if there is auto-save for it and offers to recover. Every time you explicitly save the auto-save file is removed.

similar to the Macbook’s “Time machine” that saves a history

It is not going to do that. Every operating system has a backup feature that can backup files hourly. We are not going to reinvent that, and people should use what is in their OS.

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I think autosave features for video or image editing is bad.

If I worked a file for 2 hours and didn’t save it (as we currently have it). When I make a mistake, which happens a lot, I can have the choice to never save the work, and just start over from where I last saved. With autosave, I would never have that option. All of my mistakes would be permanent.

Thats why i save myself after every bigger change with consecutive number extensions, so i can recover to every step in history. Beside that the autosave function works fine and i have also made use of it, when it is useful. Esp. when projects grow bigger and SC becomes a bit laggy its worth to save more often :wink:


I agree, Shotcut is a fantastic program with many useful features. I’m sure you should have spent your money on it.

Is there any way to access files saved automatically by SC other than those described in this post by accessing where they are saved and where they are saved? If you please.