First project in Shotcut. Need editing suggestions

I have moved from using Davinci resolve to Shotcut This video editor is great. Although i have completed the project, But i would need the community’s suggestion about how to perform editing better since im very new to this software.

This is the video i made with shotcut (warning its not in english)

Following are points i noticed that i have issues with :

  1. In the video, i have used a background video which is a loop with blur effect. When i place two additional clips on top of this clip, playback performance is severely affected. I’m already using proxy feature. But is there a feature to cache filters? Davinci resolve had that feature.
    To get around this, i have to create a new project and then add filter to background, render it and then use it in this project.

  2. secondly for timer. i have to adjust settings for timer again if i split a clip and also if i speed up the clip i cannot use timer since timer doesn’t speed up. For that i had to re-create video with timer and then use it in main project to speed up

  3. Third, i have placed few texts at start of video. I had to create separate track for every text because i want to show them at separate time with fade. If i use one track, i can show text at different time using key frame panel but i cannot show fade effect for them.

Do let me know if there is a better way or how would you have done it to edit and if it can reduce my editing time.
I hope my English is understandable :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can help with #1. While you are editing the video, why not either disable the blur effect and just enable it when you are finished and want to render the video, or even disable the track that contains the background since you don’t really need it while working on the video, or don’t add the background video until you are finished with everything else. Is there some reason you need to see the background video while working on everything else?

Yes that makes sense. But i often want to see the whole video for preview for that i can’t do playback with everything. I will either have to do a export or render the filter and then import it into project for playback. This was a very simple case but i might need to keep a track there for editing. Just wanted to know if there was a easier way than manually exporting and then importing.

I hope you use preview scaling with proxy. Some filters, especially things like blur, sharpen, and reduce noise are very approximate with preview scaling. But you can turn preview scaling off to tune it, and then turn it back on while editing other things or perhaps for preview. There is no cache feature and no near term plan to add it.

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