First Few Seconds of Audio file Cut On Project Import

Whenever I import a new audio file to the playlist. It removes the first second or two of the file resulting in lost audio. It’s annoying and i can’t figure out a fix. I’m using this for music visualization so the first few seconds are key. Thank you.

Never post a bug report without supporting detail.
All you have done is complained.

I found the issue. For anyone who has a similar issue, I was using an m4a file and it worked perfectly fine when I switched to an mp3 file.

Thank you for your concern that I am complaining. I don’t think I was complaining but rather I mentioned I was annoyed in one of my sentences after messing around with the program myself for a hour or so. I believe that I did provide detail as I explained exactly what was wrong with the program.

There was nothing exact about your post.
You haven’t provided any details regarding the computer hardware you are using, the operating system and version or the version of shotcut you have installed.

You’ll find this forum exceptionally helpful but you need to provide enough detail for respondents and developers to be in the position to help.

Complain: ‘Express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event.’