FireWire/Linux input (Canopus ACEDvio 1394?) support

I just discovered this promising little gem and like the feature set, UI (+1 for using Qt5!) and philosophy (ok and the site:).

I need to capture some old Hi8 videos (still!), and hoped I could finally make real use of my trusty old Canopus (now Grass Valley) ACEDvio 1394 card, and thought about taking Snapshot for a testrun.

Sadly I had no luck yet (neither under Windows 10 with 1394 legacy driver, nor under Linux) - I get a /dev/fw0 device but that’s all, doesn’t even show up in KDE’s FireWire-settings app:

[    1.402425] firewire_ohci 0000:0a:00.0: added OHCI v1.10 device as card 0, 4 IR + 8 IT contexts, quirks 0x11
[    1.912464] firewire_core 0000:0a:00.0: created device fw0: GUID 001e8c0001c829e7, S400
[   10.862301] Bridge firewalling registered

I sifted through snapshot’s roadmap and discovered that 1394 support is planned, any chance I can test this?

Yes, install and use dvgrab for Linux. :wink: The road map does not mean anything on there is actually started and in progress. They are simply ideas and not promises.