Fine Track Movement?

Here’s the situation. Video track and audio track. Used claps for synchronization. Even zoomed in to make the clap waveform large in order to alight them visually as best I can.

Problem. I can use my mouse to line them up exactly, but when I let go of the mouse button, it moves away. Tried it with each track separately. Even tried to do it by placing the playhead in a location and aligning both clips there. No go. No matter how carefully I align them, the track moves away.

Any way around this?

Peut-être en désactivant le magnétisme ?

Perhaps by deactivating the magnetism?

Capture d’écran 2021-01-21 à 15.18.16


No, It’s not on.

I might be wrong but I think it’s probably because a clip can only be positioned at the beginning of a frame. If you move a clip and let it go when it is between the start and the end of a frame, it will automatically move to the nearest frame.

I tried to illustrate it in the image bellow.
I added yellow lines to represent each frame of the timeline.
The green line is where the clap sound begins.
As you can see it’s between two yellow lines. That’s why you can’t move the beginning of the video clip EXACTLY at the start of the clap sound.

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Thanks @MusicalBox. I guess it’s just a limitation I’ll have to deal with. From an audio standpoint, it does seem close enough that there is no noticeable echo.

I have another issue but will do a different post for that.

For more precision, maybe you can try to use a higher framerate. The project on my example above was at 24 fps.
Here’s the same project at 60 fps with the green line at the same position.


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