Finding a thief from security cam record

Days before someone broke my workshop. I have 2 security camera can see where thives enter but unfortunately their night vision is so poor. I can see only shadows and when i focus on a darkness i start to see shapes which has not really :slight_smile:

Can i find movements with Shortcut? If please explain like a dummy guide because i really dont know how to use Shortcut…

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I don’t see any easy way to do this in shotcut but I have used DVR-scan in the past to detect and copy lightning from a long video. It is a command line only tool so you’ll need to find and tweak the parameters yourself if you want to use it - especially the motion sensibility one is vital and if there is constant motion you will have to use the select a region in which to detect mode.

  1. Add your clip to two tracks on the timeliness.
  2. offset the second clip in time by a few frames
  3. add a color invert filter on the second clip
  4. add opacity filter set to 50%

Now any differences in the frames will be highlighted and stationary things disappear.

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I tried dvr scan with your recommendation but at night vision so many dust particules flying so it gave me hundreds of outputs :confused:

Thank you sandman it can actually work.
But unfortunately i couldnt do that. Watched some videos but they belong another softwares. Path is same but i couldnt success with shortcut. May i ask a small video like how to in shortcut ?

Have you tried to increase the detection threshold and the minimum length of the movement to count? -t and -l arguments Documentation - DVR-Scan

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