Finding a "saved" video project (I hope)

Hi all - newbie here, have spent many hours in Shotput today compiling and editing a trailer for an upcoming Kickstarter pitch video. I conscientiously saved the project a number of times during the edit, then closed Shotcut down for a while.

When I opened Shotcut again I couldn’t find the saved video project anywhere. When I click on “Open File” it opens one of my Documents folders, but the (hopefully) “saved” project isn’t in there. I’ve run a search in all of my Documents and Video folders and can’t find it anywhere.

Any help? Where is the video?

How would we know, you saved it :smiley:

In windows search type: *.MLT

PS: MLT files are not videos, they are the project files. There is no video footage in an MLT, only information about the video and your editing parameters.

I don’t recall specifying where it should save, so I’m assuming it just defaulted to … somewhere. I did search for .MLT in Windows while I was looking for the saved project, but the only results were a series of very small, seemingly blank files.

Luckily, I’ve just found a copy of the saved project file in the “Recent” Shotcut sidebar. I’m glad to have found a saved version of the project (though I’m not sure it was the last version I saved) but now I’m paranoid about closing the program again. Assuming this isn’t just some bizarre bug, can I trust that, if I hit “Save”, the program actually will save what I’m working on in the “Recent” section?

No, it saves it to a location on your hard drive. You must take note of this location when you first save the file.
Shotcut will show the file [name] in the Recent list, but that’s not a location, that’s just a link.

The first time you press Save (or Ctrl+S) the Windows dialogue will appear showing you the last location used and gives you the opportunity to choose another (more suitable) location.
This is how the Windows OS works for all applications.

Hi Steve - thanks for that. I guess it was a “senior moment” - I have no memory at all of initially specifying where it should save to. Fortunately, my more computer-savvy wife has helped to figure it out and I think I’m OK moving forward.