Find clip in the time line by/from the play list


is it (already<?>) possible to locate a video clip used in the time line by part of the play list?
I’m just sitting at a new video and had just rebuild a lot, deleted parts in the time line etc., so now I have the “problem”, that I do not know (out of the box) if there is a part from the play list still in use in the time line and where (e.g.).

Maybe this could be interested for someone esp. the devs… :slight_smile:

TIA :slight_smile:

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They are completely separate. You can have the same clip in playlist multiple times. You don’t need to have anything in the playlist. If you know where something is in Timeline and need to use it again simply Copy it. You can paste it somewhere else or work with it in the Source player at that point.

Yes, I know, but it seems, that is not what I meant…

(Sometimes )The question is: Is there already a part from the play list in the time line? And, if, where?

E.g. for my new video I have currently 32 video parts and it will be maybe ca. 50, and every part shall be part of the finished video. And as I rebuild the time line, I didn’t know which part is already in the time line and where… (and then the search begins, you know).

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I understand. We need a way to do search in playlist and timeline (separate or together) and show results. Then you could search by example clip or text. I was explaining the current situation, and a lot people ask to find the timeline clip in the playlist and will find this in forum search.