Filters With Rectangle Control Bug

I reported this bug towards the end of the thread for the V19.08 beta but I want to start this topic to expound on it because the bug is more critical than I first thought as I noted in the last post on that thread. When I reported it, I caught it only as something that happens when combining two filters with rectangle control on one clip like here. But in reality, this bug happens just by using one filter with rectangle control.

All you have to do is just pick one filter with rectangle control, move the whole rectangle from the center and place the playhead anywhere else in the timeline that is not on that selected clip for it to trigger the bug. Here’s a demo.

It greatly limits the usefulness of all those filters and can also ruin work during keyframing.

Today I had the same effect and I can confirm this.

Yep, happening here on the text:simple filter. However, Open Other >Text seems to work fine.

Correction - error is happening now on Open Other > Text as well as text:simple. I’m working on a text-intensive project, so looks like I’ll have to temporarily revert to 19. 07 until it’s fixed…

In your case it’s neccessary. :slight_smile:

This is fixed for the next version 19.09

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