Filters window is empty (Mac, version 19.04.30)



I recently upgraded Shotcut to 19.04.30, and on creating a new project I am no longer able to use the Filters window. On trying to select either an audio segment or a video segment in the timeline, the Filters window does not populate with anything and just stays black. I tried waiting for a few minutes to see if the program was simply stuck, but it definitely isn’t and isn’t using any significant CPU.

This was a regression in the latest version; in prior April versions everything worked fine. I’m on a Mid 2010 MacBook Pro running Mac OS 10.12.6 (Sierra), with the (standard?) NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M graphics card. Let me know if I can provide any other helpful information!

In the meantime, I’ll just have to revert to an earlier version.


I am also on Mac and I did not have this problem with the update 19.04.30


I recently tried uninstalling all Shotcut files from the computer (including the file), then downloading and re-installing the latest 19.04.30 version from the website. Works perfectly now.

If this happens again I’ll try to figure out some consistent steps for reproducing it.