Filters - Text: Rich

Windows 7 prof
Shotcut 20.11.28

Steps - filters as seen on attached screenshot:
Maske: einfache Form
Text: rich
Mosaik (only to show masked area, mask for Mosaik correct working)
Maske: anwenden

Rich text isn’t masked :frowning:

(sorry, great software, thank you very much)

Deselect the filter

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sorry, that’s no solution! I want the rich text to be masked!
Your picture shows the rich text completly, additional the masked area which is ‘mosaiked’ to show the area with working mask. The mask dosen’t work on the rich text.

Following @Namna’s solution.

Hallo Hudson,
firstly thank you! I’ll try it later in the morning, i’am too tired now. Maybe that’s the reason i don’t see my mistake or misunderstanding @Namnas solution.

This cannot be fixed because what you are seeing is the rich text editor and not the rich text video filter. The rich text editor is a UI element and not a part of the video filtering pipeline. Namna is telling you that if you deselect the filter, the rich text editor goes away so you can preview the rich text filter within the processing pipeline.

First of all, thank you very much for dealing with my problem!
My intention is:
in the video a (later scrolling) text should be displayed in a e.g. rectangular area.

First approach:
Filter order:
Mask: Apply
(all deselected)

Test with Filter: Mosaic to learn how Filter: Mask simple Shape works.
Everything is great, in the middle of the video a rectangular area is filled with mosaic, the rest of the image is original!

Second approach image001:

Filter order can be seen in image.
Adding Filter: Text rich, writing into UI, deselct.
The complete text + mask definition now seems to act as a combined mask :frowning:
My unfullfilled wish: The text should actually only be displayed in the non-masked, rectangular area, with -Filter: Mosaic ‘mosaiced’, without Mosaic readable, but only in the rectangular area!

Third approach image003:
(sorry, only one picture possible :frowning: )
Filter order:
Text: Rich
Mask: Apply
(all deselected)

Changing position of Filter:Text rich under Filter: Mosaic
Mask affects the defined area only in the video, but not the text!

Fourth approach:
Filter order:
Text: Rich
Mask: Apply
(all deselected)

Changing position of Filter:Text rich as in @Hudson’s suggestion (but Operation: Overwrite)
Filter: Mosaic only works in rectangular region, both on video and Text.

Fifth approach image005:
same as in 4th approach but

Changing in Filter: Mask Simple Shape to Operation substract as @Hudson did: only the rectangular part defined in Filter: Mask Simple Shape is untouched from Mosaic.

Where is my thinking error? How can I realise my wish - scrolling text in a certain area?

Thanks for your patience

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Si j’ai bien compris ce que vous souhaitez faire.
1/ Mettre sur V1 l’image de fond
2/ Mettre sur V2 un clip transparent
3/ Appliquer au clip transparent le filtre “Masque: forme simple” positionné à l’endroit ou vous voulez que le texte s’affiche. Réglez sur “Ecraser”

If I understood well what you want to do.
1/ Put on V1 the background image
2/ Put a transparent clip on V2
3/ Apply to the transparent clip the filter “Mask: simple shape” positioned where you want the text to be displayed. Set to “Overwrite”.

4/ Ajouter ensuite le filtre “Text Rich” au clip transparent
Entrer votre texte et ajuster le cadre sur la largeur du filtre masque que vous voyez en dessous

4/ Then add the filter “Text Rich” to the transparent clip.
Enter your text and adjust the frame to the width of the mask filter you see below.

Capture d’écran 2021-01-16 à 14.35.00

5/ Déplacer la playhead au début du clip et descendre le texte au-dessous du masque. Placer une image clé

5/ Move the playhead to the beginning of the clip and lower the text below the mask. Place a key frame

6/ Déplacer la playhead à la fin du clip et monter le texte au-dessus du masque. La seconde image clé est créée

6/ Move the playhead to the end of the clip and mount the text above the mask. The second keyframe is created

7/ Retourner à la fenêtre filtre et déplacer le filtre “texte riche” au dessus du filtre “Masque”
8/ Régler le filtre “Masque” sur “Minimum”

7/ Go back to the filter window and move the “rich text” filter above the “Mask” filter.
8/ Set the “Mask” filter to “Minimum”.

Capture d’écran 2021-01-16 à 14.37.21

Voici le résultat
Here is the result


Bonjour Namna,
Je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre tutoriel, tel que vous l’avez décrit, il fonctionne à merveille et correspond exactement à ce que je voulais avoir.
(De nombreux chemins mènent à Rome)
(Avec Deepl, j’écris un français presque parfait)

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Hello Namna,
many thanks for your tutorial, the way you described it works wonderfully and is absolutely exactly what I wanted.
(Many roads lead to Rome)


J’utilise aussi Deepl pour traduire le Français en Anglais, mais ce n’est pas toujours très précis, j’ai pu constater quelques quiproquos

I also use Deepl to translate from French to English, but it’s not always very accurate, I’ve noticed some misunderstandings.

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