Filters Set | Box with text

I made a filter set that create a simple animated box with text.
You need Shotcut 23.05 or more for using it
a demo :

in the zip file you can find version for 1920x1080 and 1280x720 project (2.6 KB)

Installation :
unzip the zip file you’ll find two files
launch Shotcut
go to Setting > App Data Directory > Show
open the filter-sets folder and copy the two files in this folder
relaunch Shotcut
use a color in a track and apply the filter set on the color, you can change texte and color with the “rich text” filter and change the size, position and rotation with the “Size, Position & Rotation” filter

feel free to modify, adapt, play with it :slight_smile:


Now we’re getting spoilt for choice! This is terrific. Thanks, @kamigeek!

COOL COOL COOL - and quick. And Easy!! :rofl: