Filters Presets displayed twice

OS : Windows 10, 64-bit
Current Shotcut version : 20.07.11

Something strange I just noticed, but it could have started a while ago.

All the presets in the Size and Position filter are displayed twice in the list.

Same thing in the Text: Simple presets by the way. I also had a few custom filters created, but those only displayed once in the list. I suspect it may be because at one time I had a previous version of Shotcut (20.04.12 probably) installed and at the same time I was testing the portable version of the new release (20.07.11). If it’s the reason, the copies didn’t disappear after I deleted the folder containing the portable version.

So i’d like to get rid of those copies without loosing any other customisations I have done to Shotcut. If possible.

See this.


Oh my… One time I neglect to search the forum for a solution and there is a topic with almost the same title as mine… Sorry about that and thank you @sauron!

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