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Hi, Sorry for my english, I’m a canadian french. I’m doing a Clip video and I add some filter to upgrade quality of the image. I put some filters on every of my video. I think I’ve done that when I copy one serie of filters when I select nothing. So, now I have big contrast on my video and I can’t get off them because I see nowhere those filters. What should I do?
Thank you for your help.

Hi @blje3025

Si vous ne voyez pas le(s) filtre(s) qui cause(nt) ce contraste, peut-être que par erreur vous avez mit le filtre sur l’entête de la piste, OU sur le Output

If you don’t see the filter(s) causing this contrast, perhaps you mistakenly set the filter on the Head of the track, OR on the Output.



Lorsqu’un filtre est ajouté à l’entête ou à l’Output, une icône en forme d’entonnoir s’affiche:
When a filter is added to the header or the Output, a funnel-shaped icon is displayed:


Thank you very much! It’s work!

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Bonjour à tous,
le “output” encore un truc que je ne savais pas :joy:

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