Filters: not selecting properly in filters pane - bug

Hi, I’ve noticed an intermittent problem when trying to select different filters in the filter pane. Sometimes when clicking on a filter, the blue highlighting box doesn’t change to the filter just selected, even though the filter parameters change below it.

Seems to happen with quite complex projects (?)

To be clear, I made a short screenshot:

Many thanks

This area (selecting already added filters) changed recently to fix another bug (crash quickly selecting different timeline clips with filters). It might have been addressed with that in v18.09. Do you have particular saved projects where you can reproduce this after opening it to be able to test this?

HI Dan, it happened again today. I was screen-capturing it at the time so I’ve got a video of it in action! I’ve posted it below - I’ve added subtitles to show what I was doing. I’ve speeded up the screen capture x3, up until the moment the issue appears, then reverted back to x1 speed - so as not to waste your time viewing it all:

Here’s each step in a list:

Open background jpg,
drag to timeline.
Apply rotate and scale filter…
… scale the clip.
Apply color grading filter.
Tweak parameters a lot.
The issue appears - blue highlight bars do not respond when selecting different filters.

Here’s the mlt file:
Color grading test jonray.mlt (4.0 KB)

I’ve experienced this many times now. In most cases I’ve added quite a few filters, tweaked parameters a lot, shut down projects, opened new ones etc. (ie lots of activity).
Hope this helps you to identify the problem.

18.08.14, Windows 10

All the best, Jon

Update: Just re-opened the Color grading test jonray mlt file posted above. The issue is not present.

I meant for you to test it when v18.09 is released.
Sorry, I did not reproduce using your steps.

Oops, sorry, I didn’t realise that - my fault. The problem just happened again btw. Yes, will do some testing when 18.09 comes out. Will that be that soon? :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::+1: