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I just started using Shotcut. It is a great program. Thanks!

I have been trying to select multiple clips and apply different things to them. However, it seems that Shotcut is not capable of doing this at the moment.

I am aware of the “Track” filters, but that will not work.

For example, I would like to add a filter to multiple photos. I added the filter to the first photo. Then I copied it. Then I selected the remaining photos in the timeline. Then I tried to paste the filter. It only pasted to the first selected photo. This means I have to paste to each photo individually. That is a lot of clicking and it is not very efficient.

Is this possible in Shotcut?
If not, is it something that can be added?

Also, adding or copy/pasting transitions to multiple clips this way would also be a great feature.

Thank you,

Why would applying the filters to a track not work?

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Hi Darren,

it does work! I had the same idea and suggestion :slight_smile:
You have to apply the filter to the track head (V1, V2,…) and make sure the whole track is selected, by clicking in the free area of the track head (not the text V1, otherwise SC thinks you want to edit the text).
This way all filters of the track are applied to everything on that track, may it be images or video clips.

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I think he’s referring to filters like fade in/out or anything with keyframed animation to introduce the picture. Neither of those work from the track head.

I do not know of a faster way to paste filters to a lot of clips.

No “paste all” as of yet

Thanks for the replies.

The specific filter I tried was a slow zoom on the photo. It accepts it in the track head, but it only affects the first photo. Not all of them.

Also, it would be nice if I could apply transitions in the same way. That is, copy a transition and then paste it to multiple clips that are selected.


I tried it on a keyframed rotate and scale filter, and you’re right it doesn’t affect the rest of the images, though I was pretty sure it should affect it. Maybe it’s a bug

Not it is not. A track is a single entity regardless of the number of things it contains.

In essence, what you’re saying is that when a filter is applied to a track it applies it to all the elements on the track, except for actions like keyframing.

When a filter is applied to a track, think of the entire track as a single clip.


Keyframes are relative to the beginning of the filter, but the track filter is not repeated for each clip in a track even though it may appear that way to you. It is one filter whose duration may be greater than the filter’s first clip. The filter duration is subject to its own in and out points, which by default are pinned to the start and end of the object to which it is added.

Got it. I just confirmed this with a test. So if one needs to repeat what a keyframe is doing on multiple elements on the track, it ends up being one long keyframe across the span of the track. You would need to set the keyframe at a starting position, then ending position that matches the first element. Then set it to starting position again, and so on and so forth

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So even if the timeline is loaded with multiple images like below…

Setting keyframes on a filter on a track gets treated like below

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