Filters glitch and stop having an effect

Like I said in the previous, I have tried with effects turned off, it seemed the most obvious potential problem as it was experimental, but the same issues occurred as with GPU on, with the addition of slower playback because, well, no GPU.

OK, well Shotcut is not commercial software, it’s pretty much always in a beta state given that it’s constantly in a state of change and growth. We are permitted to test it out and use it for what it’s worth and report any serious bugs which helps the devs find the code clashes.
With that in mind, I treat Shotcut as software to play with to find what is currently stable, reliable and useful. I don’t commit myself to any lengthy, complex and important projects, I use DaVinci Resolve for those. But Shotcut is worth supporting and keep an eye on because frankly it’s the best lightweight free NLE out there.

You say you can’t afford the data to download an earlier version which surprises me as it’s a small download (well under 200Mb) It’s hard to imagine an internet quota so small, you’d never be able to use many websites at that rate :frowning:

I am only a little disappointed anyway. I live off of prepaid mobile data as I am unable to get either a plan or actual internet, and it’s about 6 gig’s plus 1 gig on weekends, and I have emptied it a lot sticker than I should be lately. Treat it like beta version I will I guess, I will wait for the next update (stealing some Wi-Fi from a library or school to download it) and hope that boads well. None of my projects are important or time constraint.

Perhaps a friend can DL a copy onto a USB thumb drive for you?

That is actually the plan I have arranged with a friend who I said I might edit his gameplay files for fun, so it isn’t a bad idea. I do also go to a place with free Wi-Fi on a very regular basis as well so it isn’t a problem except for long lengths of staying home/travel.

I also have problems with filters that just quit working. I’m trying to add some credits to a project by putting text on images. Shotcut wouldn’t let me. I closed and reopened the program and I could add text, but then it wouldn’t let me adjust the text after I added the color. I can’t change the font size or changed the position on the image. Here the font size should be 48 and the text should be in the middle of the screen. Nope:

I think in your screen shot there might be a legitimate bug with Use font size not working correctly. I am not yet sure why. However, the problem with Vertical fit: Middle can be due to trailing new lines at the end of your text after the “Sr.”

Works for me just fine. Although after I restarted it, my history is blank.

Is Shotcut supposed to clear the history once closed?
(Image from the post above mine)

This is by design. The project file does not retain history.

Are you confusing Recent with History?

D’oh!!! Yes I am, lol. Sorry.

I retested this issue with v18.09 as a new project by following the above instructions. I added the Size and Position filter to the image on V2. Then, I made about 50 slices of the image on V2 with 2 frames per image clip. Next, I changed the position for each image clip. It exported fine, and I checked the result. This might have been fixed since the original thread activity. In any case, the is a bad approach to the problem. It is better to use keyframes including discrete keyframes if needed. Many bugs have been resolved with keyframes.