Filters dont apply after track got extended (on the extended part) !?

hey there again,

I just had a track with a graphic on it. yesterday I cut it to 20sec and put a size & position filter on it.
today I decided to extend the duration to 30sec. so I just dragged the item on its timeline to 30sec.

I expected the filters to work on the whole 30sec but what happens now is, that the applied filter only
works from 1sec to 20sec, and the extened part the filter is not “active” though its set on the whole graphic.

is this supposed to be like that ?

I had to delete the original filters and set em again

Not sure if it’s supposed to be like that.
I was able to duplicate what you had done.

It’s like some sort of invisible split.

Here’s how to fix it without deleting, which deleting might be cleaner.
Go back to the part that you applied the filter, copy (icon with two pages).
Go to the new expanded section, paste (icon with the clipboard)
copy filter

Windows 10 Home

Highlight the clip, then click on the key-frames tab, and drag the red line in the key-frames box towards the right, back out to the end of the extended clip. That should realign the end point of the filter with the end point of the clip. You may need to magnify or minify the working area in the key-frames box to make it easier to see.
This method seems to work OK when you extend the length of a clip but not when you shorten it in which case you’ll need to remove and paste or redo the filter. I believe this might be fixed by the next release.