Filter text:Rich error after File->Save As


Filter text:Rich
Non-standard characters are lost after executing the function File->Save As.

I did not reproduce it, but I did not try with your exact text. I simply typed some random Latin/ASCII characters. It would be helpful if you can put the text here as text that can be copied and pasted.
Are you sure these are the only steps? What happened after choosing Save As…? What if you choose Cancel to not save?
If you actually saved a file, does it immediately become like your last screen, or did you have to reselect the clip or filter or even more steps?

Only 4 steps:

  1. Create source Color,
  2. Insert filter text:Rich,
  3. Paste text eg. form
  4. Save to any file ( File->Save As …)

At this point, non-standard characters are lost. There are also wrong character codes in the saved file.
It cannot be undone.

If we do otherwise:

  1. Insert a text: rich filter
  2. Save the empty frame to the file,
    3.We will paste sample text,

it looks good. The signs are not lost.

But the created file is not reloadable. After loading this file, I see question marks instead of the original text.

Thanks I reproduced it.

This is fixed for the next release

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