Filter/Text/Color Selection Popup Box Improvement Needed

I am a regular user for editing clips, and because I have yet to fully understand keyframes, have to manually create my watermark for every clip I make. A way to speed this process is to have the color palette box STAY in the position where I last left it. As is, it always reverts to opening in the center of the screen which slows my editing and would be much better if popup windows that open, open in the last position used.
I would really enjoy that as an improvement. Thanks!

That is a fantastic suggestion. Also, sometimes the dialog pops UNDER the Shotcut window and I have to click on the taskbar item to get it to show up. It is annoying.

Unfortunately, the color dialog is a feature provided by the underlying QT graphics library that we use in Shotcut. So we can’t just make a few tweaks to spiff it up. The only solution would be for us to implement a new color dialog from scratch. This is doable, but it is a lot of work and probably not the highest priority for an inconvenience.

Later this year we hope to upgrade to a newer version of the Qt library. If we are lucky, that might have some improvements for this dialog.

It’s not a matter of sometimes, it’s all of the time if you click anywhere outside of the font dialog box. ALT + TAB brinks that back as well. I don’t know if it’s just isolated to Windows versions or if it’s this way on Mac or Linux. People who experience this and don’t know about this bug will be highly frustrated not knowing how to bring the dialog box back.

If you have a 2nd monitor, you could always pop out the filter dialog box put that on your 2nd monitor, and color pallet will be on the 2nd monitor.

Re: Color Pallete Dialog Box Default Position:

Thanks for explaining it to me. If that’s just how it is, I can live with it then. No worries.
It’s just such a good program even I think I’m being a little greedy to ask. lol
I have to understand keyframes better to get around my issue, I think so I have my work cutout.
Thanks again,

@brian, I note with interest the plan to upgrade to a newer version of the Qt library. Will this mean that Qt Webkit will be replaced by Qt Webengine, which supports the secure https protocol and more up to date HTML5 features via Chromium?

Sorry, I don’t know the answer to that. @shotcut is the one working on it.