Filter/Text Changes Not Included In Undo History

Its a little frustrating editing Text over video because naturally one would press Ctrl+z to undo a mistake, but in Shotcut it completely removes the entire filter/text and you have to start over…or manually correct the changes.

Please add text/filter edits to Undo History. It doesn’t make sense to exclude it. If there is a toggle to enabled it somewhere it seems like this should be on by default.

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Hello @Ghost_Train
In fact, you should not add a “text” filter to a video imported into Shotcut; you should click on “Open other” in the menu at the top of the screen on the left, click on “Text”, then write to the dialog box that opens your text. After that, it will automatically create a text filter on a transparent, which will no longer modify your video by doing CTRL+Z. Now you can drag your text into your timeline and use it like a text video clip.

Oh thanks.
That seems like a strange place to put a tool for adding text. They should really add an ‘Add’ menu or something since File usually deals with open/close/save/import/export type things.

I tried what you suggested but it seems to lack all of the basic text features to change size, font, style, etc. It only says “Color”. There is no obvious way to edit anything else.
This is really not much different from using filters as I was before since Undo does not work for the text edits on this either. It only undoes the changed made on the timeline and not to the text itself.

This is already on the Road Map.

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@Ghost_Train the text is not in the “file” menu but in the “open other” menu. After that you can modify all you want in the text filter.

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