Filter suggestion

I’m really satisfied with this editor as it does its job well as it is free. However, there are some filter suggestions that I feel would really improve it.

For video filters, I would really like to see a speed up/slow down option, as it is, to me, fundamental. And on the topic of speed, a pitch option for audio would be really useful as well. I don’t want to open Audacity for a 2 second gag.

I saw the swirl effect and it’s really cool. I would love to see more animations like those in the future. And about the swirl effect, I think a swirl speed, like the distort and wave effects have, would make it just wonderful.

These are all of my suggestions for now, I really hope you add them in, for they would make this editing experience a whole lot better for someone tight on money and computer space.

Audio pitch has been requested/questioned repeatedly. i doubt it will be implemented.

For clip speed, modify “Speed” in the the “Properties” of a clip.