Filter Strudel / Swirl + Mask (simple form)


this picture is the “original”:

this picture:

shows some RGB irritations<?> because of that Mask filter and its softness, when softness is greater than 0.
Can I avoid this?

TIA :slight_smile:
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Could this be the same problem that @sauron experienced here?

If you’re using Swirl with Mask simple shape, try putting the Swirl filter before MSS.

Hi @sauron, does this fix the problem with the GL transitions?



Actually it sort of fixes the problem. If the MFF filter is below the Text HTML there are no artifacts. The text HTML filter has to be applied to the lower clip as well and trimmed for the transition to work.


Sorry, haven’t tried it at once, because I had already tried something else with the Mosaik filter.
If I use first the Swirl filter and then the Mask filter (simple), the swirl appears only inside the mask…

If you want the swirl outside the mask, set the mask operation to subtract.

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